Sunday, March 1, 2009

First Blog Posting

Ok, well we are finally fallowing the crowd and starting a blog. We jsut decided since most of our family and friends live out of state this is going to be the best way to everyone to see all the exciting things we get to do down here in the south (and there are a lot of interesting things down
This is also going to be the main spot where we are going to give updates of Caitlyn and future siblings too.
Well to tell you the truth the blog it self has been up for a while i just haven't poseted anyting and one day last week a good friend of mine told me i need to start so here is the first one of many. So this one is for you Whitni.I LOVE YOU!!!!LOL

We are still learning and finguring out all the neat stuff on here so just be patient with us
Thank you everyone for coming and checking out our life!!!!

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