Thursday, November 19, 2009

Halloween 09!!!

Finally here are the Halloween pictures that i promised! Sorry it has been a while Caitlyn is getting her first tooth and lets just say she is very needy right now, which is ok because i know she is hurting, poor baby. For Halloween we had some friends come over in the morning and we spent the day together carving pumpkins, going to the fall carnival at a school near by, going to trunk or treat, and then ending the night with trick or treating. I'm sorry to say that i didn't take as many pictures that i wanted to, in truth i barley took any (bad mommy). So here are the ones i took, ENJOY!!!!

Here is our little flower girl getting ready to go trick or treating!

Really wanting to go and us grown up were taking to

Mommy and flower

Keatin and Jeremy Smith or should i say our protectors of the night (batmans)!!!!

Brian's Pumpkin, lets just say pumpkins shouldn't eat other pumpkins...LOL

Down here there aren't any real pumpkin patches so this is what we have. Still able to get really cute pictures.

She really likes pumpkins!

She found this little pumpkin in the sea of big pumpkins and so we had to get it for her.

We tried to take it away and she freaked so i cleaned it off and gave it back to her.

She was so happy

Cute little bench swing, she stayed on it really well

Ohh can't take a picture without her pumpkin!!!

Yes, don't worry i did clean

Posing with mommy, there were kids right by us and she wouldn't take her eyes off of them.

Oh she found a big one!!!!!

I just love this picture so much, she has such a great smile!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

October recap 2009!!!!

This month has been one of the funnest months we have had in a long time. First off NO DOCTORS at all this month, which has been a first since Caitlyn was born. She is growing like a flower (which is what she was for Halloween, pictures will come next post) and crawling much faster and is able to stand without assistants for a couple of seconds. She has also become a dancing queen, anytime i play music and she is standing she will start dancing, but it isn't to all music only oldies and rock(she takes after her momma's taste in music). Here are some of the latest pictures of Caitlyn. Not much else is new for us right now, we are getting ready to head home this December. It will be our first trip in a year in and a half, we are super excited to see family. The only thing is we are NOT use to cold, since the coldest it gets her is in the 60's, so we are trying to get all of our winter gear out. Never thought i would have to for a

What the camera is out....

...Ok i will smile!!!!

Me chillin with daddy

Look at me i'm so pretty.... do not see me trying to get the phone, it's all in your head!!!

I had a church meeting on my birthday and Brian surprise me with this, with the help of Heidi Awbrey...Thanks Guys it was AWESOME!!!!

This is what happens when daddy feeds me!!!!

Isn't it GREAT i love being messy!!!

I'm trying to escape...he he he

Alright the camera, let me see!!!!

On no momma caught me!!!

I swear i'm not going to get into anything


So this is what i see everytime i open her door after her naps, it is soo cute!!!!


Hanging out in my jumper!

Here she is getting into things, like she always is..LOL

I'm going to EAT YOU!!!!!

Here she is crawling faster, she is even faster but i couldn't catch it on tape.

She has started doing this thing with tongue soo funny!

She is a dancing queen, it is so cute!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trips to the park

We have had a couple of days now where it was cool enough to go the park and the first time we went there were ducks all around and they were HUNGRY. To bad we didn't bring bread the first time, but we did the 2nd time, but sadly the ducks weren't hungry, but we did get some great pictures out of both days!!

Caitlyn checking out the duckies swimming along

Caitlyn's first swing ride, she wasn't sure at first,

But Grew to LOVE IT!!!!!

This was on our second trip to the park you can see she was very

This is what she was looking at from her stroller

Hanging with daddy looking at the ducks, she wanted to touch them sooo bad.

All i can think is that she was thinking how do i get away from these people so i can play with the ducks.

Chillin and relaxin with daddy in the shade

She has such a blast going to the park

Play Hard and Sleep Hard

Video of her taking her first ride on the swing!

After a little bit on the swing she loved it and couldn't stop laughing!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pictures of Caitlyn

Here are some pictures and videos of Caitlyn these past 2 months!!!

My little angel feel asleep on the way home from church holding my scriptures, it was so cute!!!!

If you look close you see she has a french mustache, now she did one side and we had to keep it even and did the other, it was hilarious!!!!

Cute little self trying to get the camera

She LOVES water especially in her sippy cup.

She plays so hard she passes out, plus this was the first time she fell asleep on her own for a nap.

First taste of rice cereal, her first solid.

I was riding in the back with her and looked over and this is what i saw, just like mommy a big reader!!!

All she is thinking is how do i get that camera from

This is when she first started crawling, just after 4 months!!!!

Caitlyn first taste of food, it was rice cereal.

We just thought this was a very funny video of Caitlyn trying to get the camera from us and how she can be so obsessed getting it.