Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pictures of Caitlyn

Here are some pictures and videos of Caitlyn these past 2 months!!!

My little angel feel asleep on the way home from church holding my scriptures, it was so cute!!!!

If you look close you see she has a french mustache, now she did one side and we had to keep it even and did the other, it was hilarious!!!!

Cute little self trying to get the camera

She LOVES water especially in her sippy cup.

She plays so hard she passes out, plus this was the first time she fell asleep on her own for a nap.

First taste of rice cereal, her first solid.

I was riding in the back with her and looked over and this is what i saw, just like mommy a big reader!!!

All she is thinking is how do i get that camera from mommy...lol

This is when she first started crawling, just after 4 months!!!!

Caitlyn first taste of food, it was rice cereal.

We just thought this was a very funny video of Caitlyn trying to get the camera from us and how she can be so obsessed getting it.

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Allisha said...

Cute!!! Glad to see that Skyler isn't the only one obsessed with electronics. I can't wait for them to play together they're going to have so much fun. It will be adorable!!!