Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pictures of Caitlyn

Here are some pictures and videos of Caitlyn these past 2 months!!!

My little angel feel asleep on the way home from church holding my scriptures, it was so cute!!!!

If you look close you see she has a french mustache, now she did one side and we had to keep it even and did the other, it was hilarious!!!!

Cute little self trying to get the camera

She LOVES water especially in her sippy cup.

She plays so hard she passes out, plus this was the first time she fell asleep on her own for a nap.

First taste of rice cereal, her first solid.

I was riding in the back with her and looked over and this is what i saw, just like mommy a big reader!!!

All she is thinking is how do i get that camera from mommy...lol

This is when she first started crawling, just after 4 months!!!!

Caitlyn first taste of food, it was rice cereal.

We just thought this was a very funny video of Caitlyn trying to get the camera from us and how she can be so obsessed getting it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Visiting Plantations

Last month Brian, Caitlyn, and I decided we needed to get out of the house. So Brian went online and found a couple of plantations just north of Baton Rouge, so we decided to head on up! The really cool thing about the 2 we went to was that they were slave plantations and have been around for a very long time. The first one we went to was the rosedown plantation. The special thing there, beside the awesome mansion, is the garden. Now with it being middle of summer we were not able to go and see all the garden(just too hot). The second plantation, Audubon Plantation, was really neat also because it had been there even longer!!! We couldn't use flash when inside the house so a lot of pictures are really blurry. We plan on going back this next spring so we can see all the flowers in bloom, but anyways here are some pictures from this trip! ENJOY!!

The Rosedown Plantation!!!!
Caitlyn and I waiting for the tour to start.

The shower. A slave would come in and fill the top with water and then you stoop in the bucket and took your shower.

posing for our picture
Gorgeous stair case!!! Hand made!!!
Daddy with Caitlyn in the nursery, we threatened we would leave her here but the tour guide just laughed...lol

The most beautiful bassinet i have ever seen!

Half canopy bed

Family photo on the balcony.
If you look at the cards there are no numbers, that is because it was illegal to gamble and not having numbers meant not gambling....yeah right....lolThere is only one liqueur cabinet and it can only be in the gentleman's room because back then it was illegal for women to drink.

One of the sisters that lived in this house was related to Martha Washington, yes that's right! and Martha gave this painted tapestry to the lady of the house....AWESOME!!!!!

Very interesting curtain holders.

Brian and I having some fun with Statues!!!

Beautiful, is all i have to say!!!

This is Gus, their pet, he was really cute and nice!!!!

They have a resident Peacock, he was kind of friendly, just wouldn't let us pet him.

We never saw her, but we were kind of hoping we would...lol

This is the Audubon house, or should i say Mansion!!

This is the kitchen, back then kitchens were not in the house, for fire safety reasons they were located in another building away from the main house.

Caitlyn was having soo much Fun!!!

The Dining room. At the top of the picture there is a big board, a slave child would pull on a rope and make that swing back and forth to keep the flies off the food. That's where you get the saying: SHOO FLY.


A Bath Tub

A potty

We are upstairs out on the porch, it was very cool and it's high enough where mosquitoes don't go!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Eating & Going

Well, my little girl isn't so little anymore. She is still small, but she has starting eating solid food and can you believe my 5 month old is a crawling machine. About a month ago we realized she could move a little when we had her on the floor and when we look down at her she had moved to be under my chair. Now, she can move around the house at ease, well slow, bur she can do it. Here are videos of her eating and moving....ENJOY!!!!!