Tuesday, July 21, 2009

4 Month update

Today our precious girl is 4 months and we just can't believe it, the time has just flow by. With her being 4 months that means she went to the doctor today and got her check up. Everything went really well at the check up and in fact things went better than normal. Caitlyn has gained so much weight that she is now in the 80%, which if you read the past when she was born we had trouble with her gaining weight, so we are really excited.

Here are the stats from the doctors office along with what percentile she is in.

Here are also some pictures we took this month before she got her harness.

Looking her cute self...lol

Fell asleep hogging the remote again

reading one of her books before bedtime

i can never get a picture of her smiling because once she sees the camera, it's all over and the stares are on...lol

hanging out in the crib

She says look at the pretty girl, oh wait that's me!!!!!

She is at Dr. Dersame's office and we let her destroy the paper, hey we thought if she has to wear a harness for 3 months and be grumpy go for it...lol

Her favorite thing to eat, paper....lol

Saturday, July 11, 2009

June Pictures

Here are some pictures that we took in June.

WE she isn't sleeping in our arms she likes to hold on to her ears, it's so cute!!!!!

Our little Love Bug!!!

First time she saw herself in the mirror and she wasn't sure what to think of it.

Daddy brought me the laundry and said he found something in our clothes and this is what i saw...LOL

She decided that daddy nice clean shirt tasted pretty good and got it all slobbery...LOL