Thursday, November 19, 2009

Halloween 09!!!

Finally here are the Halloween pictures that i promised! Sorry it has been a while Caitlyn is getting her first tooth and lets just say she is very needy right now, which is ok because i know she is hurting, poor baby. For Halloween we had some friends come over in the morning and we spent the day together carving pumpkins, going to the fall carnival at a school near by, going to trunk or treat, and then ending the night with trick or treating. I'm sorry to say that i didn't take as many pictures that i wanted to, in truth i barley took any (bad mommy). So here are the ones i took, ENJOY!!!!

Here is our little flower girl getting ready to go trick or treating!

Really wanting to go and us grown up were taking to

Mommy and flower

Keatin and Jeremy Smith or should i say our protectors of the night (batmans)!!!!

Brian's Pumpkin, lets just say pumpkins shouldn't eat other pumpkins...LOL

Down here there aren't any real pumpkin patches so this is what we have. Still able to get really cute pictures.

She really likes pumpkins!

She found this little pumpkin in the sea of big pumpkins and so we had to get it for her.

We tried to take it away and she freaked so i cleaned it off and gave it back to her.

She was so happy

Cute little bench swing, she stayed on it really well

Ohh can't take a picture without her pumpkin!!!

Yes, don't worry i did clean

Posing with mommy, there were kids right by us and she wouldn't take her eyes off of them.

Oh she found a big one!!!!!

I just love this picture so much, she has such a great smile!!!!

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jenny said...

She is getting so big and totally cute!!!