Saturday, March 14, 2009

The date is set for Caitlyn's Arrival!!!!

We had another doctors appointment this last Thursday and it was a very exciting one.
First, Caitlyn's heart beat is very strong and healthy, it always makes me smile when the doctor tells us that. Other than that nothing else has changed since the last visit, she has dropped but I'm not dilated any more, so that was kind of a bummer.

The really exciting news we got was that my doctor has set the date to induce me!!!
Since the beginning Caitlyn has always ran a little fat and she is still a chunky little one so my doctor doesn't not want me to go past 41 weeks. Also the longer we keep waiting the more chance i have of getting diabetes, i have had a sugar problem for the last part of this pregnancy but i keep it under control myself pretty well. It better though that we don't push the
Ok so the big date(if she decides not to come on her own) is going to March 24!!!!!
Next Thursday will be my 40th week and we will schedule a time for me to go in, it will more likely be between 1am to 4 am, but i will have a scheduled time to go in, no calling to see if they have a bed for me that day which i really like :).

Also, my mom is flying in on the 19th to help us out until the 7th of April and I'm so excited that she might be able to be there with me for the birth. It will make it easier for me and Brian, since she has gone through this herself. Then my Dad is coming at the end of April to help also, which is really exciting since he doesn't fly EVER and he is flying to come see us and his first grandchild.

Well that's what is going on with Caitlyn so far, I will put more info up next week when we get more and then when she decides to join us, I will be putting up a lot of pictures right away so we can show her off the the world!!!!

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