Sunday, March 1, 2009

BSA Fundraiser 2009

Well we had our annual Mardi Gras Fundraiser and it was a HUGE success, plus it was also so much fun!! It is a 2 day event and we set up a huge tent and sell all kinds of yummy foods. This year we sold hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, sasaugedogs, nachoe, and many more. The big things this year was that we found someone who made Jambalaya for us and sold it. It was yummy and worked out ok. The really cool part was the right next to us in the road was the parade so we were able to see all the parades those 2 days and it was just a couple of feet down to go and catch some beads. Last year i caught some really cool beads, but this year i thought i would sit out the parades and just watch. Being 9 months and in a crowd catching beads, not the smarest thing to Well here are the pictures i took, its only 5 but it works.
This is Brother Pullin and Brother Leblanc BBQing it away

Sister Howard selling the good food we have.

Sister Awbrey making the new signs with new prices for us, she is so creative, I love her!!!!

He was our very first customer, hot dog, chips, and soda, yummm....

Only Brother Pullin could pull off a purple and rainbow apron!!!!

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Keli said...

how fun! I look forward to more blogs about you!! :)