Monday, January 24, 2011

weekend with daddy in Morgan City

There was a shrimp and petroleum festival going on in the city of Morgan City which is the city where Brian works in. PHI is gracious enough to let us use some hotel rooms they have rented and Caitlyn and I went down to spend some time with daddy and have some fun. The festival it self was actually pretty boring, well all the bands didn't start playing until past Caitlyn's bed time. The food though was fantastic!!!! There is a flight museum in a town near by, so we went to check it out and unfortunately it was closed because of the festival, so we looked at a couple of air crafts that were outside. Caitlyn loved running underneath the jets. She would even duck when she didn't need to. As you see she is loving have her picture taken, just look at the picture of her and Brian and her cheese face.

Right when we got in to our hotel room she made the desk hers and set it up as a desk. She loved the phone more than anything we have to disconnect both phones in the room so that way she didn't make any phones calls...LOL


Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

What a cutie! I love the cheese face. I think every kid goes through that phase. Glad you got to spend some R&R with you hubby.

Denise: said...

Oh how I love these pictures! I sure miss you all> Wish we could come and visit more often. Keep posting pictures. Gotta love the cheesey reminds me of someone else I know when he was that age!!!! :)

Denise: said...

I love the pictures! I sure miss seeing all of you, wish we could come visit more often! I love the cheese picture, it reminds me of someone else I know when he was that age! :) What a cutie, look out she may turn out just like grandpa...!!! Do we see a computer career in the future?!