Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Visiting Grandpa McMahan in Oregon

We were very lucky enough to spend some time with my dad, Caitlyn's Grandpa McMahan. We had such a great time there and Caitlyn had fun chasing after Angel one of there cats. Grandpa McMahan was very kind and got us a new Camera and we took lots of pictures with it and thats why we have some very cute and funny ones.

Here she is already sticking her tongue out at us.

We went to a burger place that has the best and biggest burgers ever. It was SOOOO good..

Grandma Chris is a very talented at making cute clothes and she was kind enough to make Caitlyn a cape for her to wear.

It really comes in handing down here in Louisiana since it normally doesn't get to cold to wear a heavy jacket.

Caitlyn got a big kick hanging out with Grandpa, she would laugh so hard when he played with her.

oh, all the giggles, they were so cute. She really loves her Grandpa McMahan!!!!

WE went to the Omsi Museum, it's a really fun hands on Science Museum, she liked this one a lot.

Now we are getting bored, the grown ups were taking to long reading things and not

Caitlyn and Grandma Chris...

This is just a really silly face Caitlyn was making so i had to put it on here...he he he

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