Saturday, May 22, 2010

Plane ride to Washington for Christmas

So this winter Brian was able to take a week of work off (which means he got a total of 3 weeks free) and we were able to fly up to Washington and Oregon to visit family!!!! WE had such a good time and did lots of really fun stuff and so here is the first part. packing and Caitlyn's first plane ride. It was very exciting and she did a great job!!!

While we were getting read Brian noticed that she was getting teeth in and the only way to get a picture of her teeth was to make her cry, so Brian did, it was funny to watch but Caitlyn was

Caitlyn was a big help with packing from the very beginning...

She was telling us where things went.....

Caitlyn: Right here is where your clothes go....

Caitlyn was really excited to get on the plane, can't you tell by her face!!!

The Lafayette airport is really small so we let her crawl around everywhere is was really funny, she had a blast.

Daddy and Daughter watching the plane landing, it was so cute seeing this.

Here we are getting ready for take off!!!!

Caitlyn's favorite thing was looking out the window for take off and landing.

All buckled up and settling in for the flight. Originally there was someone that was suppose to be sitting in between us but saw Caitlyn and asked to be moved. The funny thing is he moved closer to a baby that cried the whole way and Caitlyn didn't cry once...

We have to study the safety pamphlet before we go.

We had to take 2 planes and the second plane ride was the really long one and she did so good for her first ride. She even fell asleep and took a really long nap. But, we sure where happy when we landed in Washington even though it was FREEZING cold.

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