Saturday, May 9, 2009

7 week update

Today Caitlyn is 7 weeks old and I apologizes for not blogging sooner. Caitlyn has really been doing great, we are on a good sleep schedule and when she is up she is really active, it is so fun. Caitlyn is so much like her daddy it is scary at times, with sleeping she can fall asleep really quickly and she loves to sleep. Do to doctors orders at night she has to be woken up every four hours to eat and she does not like that. She would rather sleep that eat and it can be funny and irritating all at the same time. She wakes up like her daddy to where her arms and legs flail in the air and if you know Brian you know that he does the same thing when he is woken

From the first day she was born Caitlyn was able to lift her head and move it from side to side and she has always loved to look around. Well that has not changed, in fact she has to look around, if she can't see anything she gets really made until you move her so she can see out. Also she really likes to stand, it is her second favorite thing, the first is us walking her around so she can look around. There have been a few times where she can stand on her own without us holding her. In a way it's sad for me because all i see is that she is going to be walking soon and then she can run from me, but i know we will get to have fun playing around. She has also found her feet and loves looking at her toes and moving them around and also when i play with her toes she gets a kick out of it. In the last couple of weeks she has learned to smile and every day she smiles more and more and we swear that she going to laugh in this next week with the way she smiles and some of the sounds that come out of her mouth, it is very cute.

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